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Multi Stage Chemplant a14d

Come on down and capture for fun.

  1. Big(?) Changes

    • Connectors to last are pretty new. Like, real new.
    • Inside of last is smaller, brighter, etc.
    • Clipping is back. Whoops.

    • Optimization might be starting to suffer.
    • Lighting and signage in the new areas is crude. 20200425031041_1.jpg 20200425031919_1.jpg 20200425032330_1.jpg
  2. Stage 1 Stuff

    Not really sure why I left the end of the stage the way I did; some obvious stuff was missing.

    Mostly just added the missing left side flank, added missing signage, and cleaned up old propspam and signage that was left over in the map from older versions.

    My guess is this'll just reveal a lot of other problems that were hiding in plain sight.
  3. Weaving a Story pt 2: Oral Stage

    Watching the last demo, I realized I overcompensated for Red's underperformance at 1B. This is update is a series of small tweaks so that I can get a better idea of how the point actually performs:

    At 1B specifically:
    • The respawn time for RED was only 6 seconds(!?) I've moved this to 8 seconds, which is what it was originally.
    • Health and ammo for RED consisted of multiple full kits. I demoted these to a single full ammopack, a medium health, and a small health.
    • Health by the...
  4. Weaving a Story

    Stage 1:
    • Remade the back end of 1A so that there are stairs and that the top floor doesn't overlook the connector to 1B.
    • Let there be light.
    • Connectors are in caves now. I think they might be better.
    • Sightlines at B tightened up.

    Stage 2:
    • RED spawns facing the rightmost door when defending A, but is split between both doors after A is captured.
    • Health is less available in the flanks surrounding last. Previously, BLU would be pushed out of the building...
  5. Back From Basics

    • Added a dustbowl-style shared red/blue spawn in between the stages closer to 1B. The old spawn area is now blue's setup area for stage 2. Blue respawns quicker when attacking 2A to compensate for the increased walk distance.
    • Added cover around 1B and expanded the little engineer's hidey hole next to the point. Hopefully it'll feel more natural to defend around the point instead of trying to hang back and pick attackers off.
    • Fifth Angel appears.
    • Opened up the second story...
  6. Corrected Packing

    I also gave blue a bit more time to cap the second point.
  7. Ameliorative Updates

    I think 1B may need to be entirely remade, but I have changed the connecting routes once again just in case it can be solved in this earthly realm.
  8. Repacked

    Oof. Repacked the map so that it would be smaller.

    Weirdly, simply recompiling and packing was already about 5MB smaller.

    Further minor changes reflect my work in the meantime:
    • A couple of signs were added or changed to use less annoying assets
    • Clipping lines up better with angled brushes now
  9. The Devil and the Details

    • Clipped off a bunch of nasty things
    • Removed Red's access to 1B's balcony
    • Materials
    • Adjusted health and metal some more
    • Deepened 1A's canal beneath the point so players can walk through without crouching
    • Some optimizations (detailing, nodrawing, lightmap scale)
    • Added to the skybox a bit
    • Added some supports to 1B so it feels more plausible
  10. Connector Adjustments

    Stage 2:
    • Adjusted availability of metal. Should be more common directly around last, and less common in the vicinity of first, except up in the balcony.
    • Balcony window has reverted to being more open. You can crouch to walk out of it now.

    Stage 1:
    • Removed the fencing around the left-side ceiling flank to A, added lighting, adjusted geometry, added clipping, added signage. If this doesn't help attackers specifically, I'm going to take the route out....
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