Chateaux a2a

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Chateaux a2a

3CP Attack/Defense

Any suggestions will be much appreciated! I'm open to all kinds of ideas, since I have only been working on this, my first TF2 Map, since July.

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This is a 3 CP Attack/Defense style map.
I have decided upon a French, medieval themed visual (not medieval mode gameplay), hence the Chateaux which is French for Castles. Technically it's châteaux, but file names probably exclude special characters so no fun for Drew.

A bit of Trivia about the name and concept:
I love medieval architecture, but there are so many cultures and different styles of it that I was overwhelmed. I noticed that Rottenburg seemed to be more of a German style feel, as well as another beautiful medieval map, Burghausen. Since these have already been done very well I thought I may try a different style, and so I went with French architecture. There will be a lot of arches and fancy sculptures, but not too over-the-top.

I was originally going to just name it "Chateau" and have the BLU team pushing forward to one Chateau (RED Spawn), but I realized that with only one major building, the map may feel less balanced, so instead each team gets a Chateau (and the plural of Chateau is Chateaux en le français).

The End.
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