Chateau x12

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  1. cp_chateau_x3

    Most of this update is centered around A to B connector as it felt a little swiss cheese-y in the previous version so I redesigned the first half of it. I also changed red's B spawn's secondary exit to be further away from main spawn and on a suspended ledge. If it needs further help to stop potential spawn camping I have a few more ideas I can try.

    -raised fence next to suspended house's deck so if a blue player jumps to the roof it requires a second jump to reach the red entrance to the house
    -lengthened blu forward spawn extending platform
    -clipped ladders in first area
    -added small balcony to open window on back side of A building

    -redesigned entire main hall entrance area so it is a large centralized path connected to back of A's courtyard rather than 2 smaller entrances
    -condensed the path of least resistance blu takes out of their forward spawn (wide path off new hall main entrance) to be a single floor room with access to red's window enclosed height advantage via a small courtyard flank
    -added left side (as blu facing B) flank to main hall entrance with height advantage
    -added second suspended arm thing on the back of A courtyard turret to block sniper sightlines from new left side flank into main hall
    -added (once inside main hall starting area) left side separated path to give blu options
    -removed blu side main hall death pit plank area entrance and cut the plank area short so its contained within just the last three window panels oh main hall
    -shifted the height advantage entrance into B in main hall to be further away from blu and made of windows to provide a better view of B's main entrance for better orientation (hopefully) while still providing the same sightline blocking.

    Pics of new stuff:

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
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