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  1. cp_chateau_x2

    Chateau alpha 2!

    The changes and additions ive made to both A and B should remove a vast majority of the scale issues seen in the previous version. A now has some close range roof covered indoor spots for either red or blu to hold and a large displacement rock to block the main sightline while standing on the point. The combat ranges should also feel a lot better as well as heavies having more fun overall. There are a few spots in the map where I used 256 unit heights that might be better suited to a 160 or 192 height however I wanted to get the much larger issues out of the way first before considering those changes.

    When building B's first draft I sort of predicted comments and feelings of it being overscaled however it felt a little worse than I expected during the test. So instead of going for attempts at fixing it while keeping the area as open as possible I just went for the wild idea I came up while building alpha 1 - I added a massive chandelier.

    The main hall to B got a rework to make it so highest pathing point in the area is also the wall that divides the hall in half so combat ranges improve and snipers cannot dominate from a mile away. Combine this with the removal of the large grass flank that wrapped the entire point and B should be pretty intense this version :)

    -added close range covered indoor spots in front of and behind the point
    -blocked the main sniper sightline right down the middle of the combat space
    -created another entrance to the A capture area for blu via a covered building

    -added large chandelier and chandelier interior space
    -removed one of the main sniper windows
    -reworked main hall entrance to have better combat ranges. I have further simple ideas to help this area if these changes arent enough
    -removed entire lower grass flank
    -added more wooden plank pathing options to the deathpit area of the
    main hall
    -added ramps to little suspended platforms in the hall blu takes just before main
    -lowered the blu height advantage entrance into the point area so it doesnt give you fall damage

    Screens of new stuff:

    20200201153742_1.jpg 20200201153804_1.jpg 20200201153835_1.jpg 20200201153847_1.jpg 20200201153934_1.jpg 20200201153954_1.jpg 20200201154016_1.jpg 20200201155102_1.jpg 20200201155758_1.jpg

    Cant wait to test this beast!
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