Caribou A4

Centralized Pyramid CP in a snowy power plant

  1. Alpha 4

    Watching the demo from A3 has been great! It's really cool watching Red respond to Blu. Feedback seems positive too!

    In trying to fix Gravel Pit, I created a new issue: Instead of the easier to capture point going ignored, it's focused on too heavily. B ended up being too close to Blu's spawn, so it's super easy to keep up constant pressure on it. It plays the opposite way I expected it to as a result, being the more high-value point between A and B.

    Ideally, both are equally valuable, for...
  2. Alpha 3

    Ended up not quite getting a full test last time (we eventually got down to 4v4) but it was actually pretty nice to see how the map handles in such a relatively low-bullshit environment.

    The most apparent issue was that Blu didn't have a straightforward time getting to C once they'd capped A or B. Red still had a pretty easy time harassing them through B, and the routes through A weren't clearly marked. They didn't have a hard time upon making it to C, however.
    • Added a lower route...
  3. Alpha 2

    Wasn't quite comfortable getting A1 tested, so here we are with an all new B point!

    • New spire on B
    • Changed overlays showing which point you're on (not directing you toward another point) to bright red, formerly white.
    • Added health and ammo to the ditch on A
    • Added soundscapes
    • Removed a prop jump on B
    • Fixed missing overlays
    • Added a shutter to the routes leading to B
    • Changed the catwalk over A to a grate, instead of being solid
    • Fixed clipping inside Blu's...
  4. Alpha 1b

    Hotfix for spawn visualizers