Caribou A8

Centralized Pyramid CP in a snowy power plant

  1. Alpha 8

    Its the BIG UPDATE

    Finally understand where I went wrong with Caribou. The same mistakes from Gravel Pit and Steel. A and B are far apart, so Blu can't push C and Red can't hold A and B. So I made HEAPS a changes

    • its a spire
    • it has height
    • not a p anymore
    • kinda looks like upward but dont think about it
    • Batts are way more focused toward C and A instead of going way behind b
    All new A/B/C flanks
    • From 8 doorways to like 3 kinda
    • Has...
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  2. Alpha 7d

    map loads now

    this engine drives me to drink
  3. Alpha 7c

    Third shot at getting a full-server test! More tiny changes. People new to the map seem to get lost,
    • Swapped Gate 3 for the adjacent window (thanks, fault)
    • Changed a couple rectangle signs to new, round signs (thanks, cnub66)
    • Extended the fade distance on the one-way window on B from 1024 hu to 1536 hu
    • Lubed up a ton of little lips in the walls (mostly where doors meet walls) to stop you from getting stuck on walls you aren't looking at, as well as to stop some jittering...
  4. Alpha 7b

    Another hotfix update, didn't get *any feedback* last time. Dead imp that got overshadowed by a broken door sound. Silenced the offending door and removed a nearby ambient_generic. We'll see if it happens again, sounds do weird shit during imps.
    • Reduced C's cap time from 40s to 30s
      • This is to encourage Blu to pressure C harder while only A or B is captured, by punishing Red 25% harder
      • Every Blu win ends with a kinda drawn out segment at the end where Blu is holding...
  5. Alpha 7

    On the whole, I was really satisfied with the way A6 played! A lot of the issues people ran into were the concessions I had to make in previous versions to get it to play well enough to solve other issues.

    A6 was successful in making A play *way better,* that height Red got in the ditch made a huge difference. B wasn't really contested much, but that's fine, A5 let us know it *could* be done. Whether A overshadows it remains to be seen.

    The main takeaway was that C was kinda red-sided....
  6. Alpha 6b

    • Fixed the wooden sign on A appearing black
    • Fixed Red's upper door trigger disabling when A or B are captured, instead of A and B
  7. Alpha 6

    A5's reception was finally super positive! Red was able to hold A and B

    I'm really not satisfied, however. Red was able to be competitive and all the rounds came down to the wire,

    Both teams put a much greater emphasis on B, Red consistently sent one engineer to A and basically gave it to Blu for free.

    Red would go all-in on A or B, Blu would have little trouble snatching it up for free. Red wouldn't try to contest, and once they'd capped, Blu would band together to take Red's favorite...
  8. Alpha 5

    Missed the notification but found a post the other day from Idolon on Caribou's thread. Apparently y'all have been going behind my back and playing sixes on my map. The concern being that Red can hold too passively, and that places too much emphasis on Blu holding their batts rather than the point, and that letting Red hold after the point has been captured.

    It isn't a problem that's come up in the imps, (aside from Red being able to hold B after it's captured, but that disappeared in A3)...
  9. Alpha 4b

    A4's test went pretty poorly, because of a significant team imbalance that went unscrambled for like three or four rounds. Contrary to A3's test, almost nobody rotated between A and B, and Blu didn't pressure C sufficiently to pull Red off of A once B had been captured. Red never made an attempt to hold B, but was it due to the changes to the point? They held it fine in A3.

    So the mystery is whether it was a map issue or a teams issue. The only solution is more testing, because A3's...
  10. Alpha 4

    Watching the demo from A3 has been great! It's really cool watching Red respond to Blu. Feedback seems positive too!

    In trying to fix Gravel Pit, I created a new issue: Instead of the easier to capture point going ignored, it's focused on too heavily. B ended up being too close to Blu's spawn, so it's super easy to keep up constant pressure on it. It plays the opposite way I expected it to as a result, being the more high-value point between A and B.

    Ideally, both are equally valuable, for...