Camp A10B

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-Just remembered to fix something with the round timer
-Completely overhauled the transition from mid to last
-Change last to make it work more with the new transition
-Changed the way you get into mid
-Removed forward spawn, but may be added again if it works
See screenshots in the overview tab
-Fixed a spawn point issue
-Added a round timer
-Adjusted cover and stuff around mid
-Adjusted respawn times
-Adjusted stuff with flanks and the building between mid and last
-Cap time for last is one second longer
-Adjusted pickups near last
-There's probably other stuff but its not worth mentioning cause no one really cares anymore
See screenshots in overview
-Lowered height of roof and buildings on and near mid
-Moved forward spawns closer to mid
-Made water texture not tile as much (scale is now .5 instead of .25)
-Adjusted ways into last
-Adjusted some walls inside the building between mid and last
-Adjusted certain health pack locations just a bit
See screenshots in overview
-Made capzone for mid cover the whole building
-Removed some extra "cubby" space in the mid building
-Fixed engineers being able to building on the roof of the mid building
-Removed medium health pack on the platform next to mid, in replace for a small health on each team's side
-Added some cover under mid, to make going under the point through the water more strategically viable
-Fixed being able to get out of the map, also improved clipping near that area
-Smoothed out displacements just a bit in all areas
-Last now has more ways to get in to make the building less of a choke
-Added a slight forward spawn to the team that owns the middle point, this will help with pacing the game and making players defend last more
-Forward spawn also teleports you back to the regular spawn if you are in it while the opposing team captures mid
See overview tab for screenshots
-Further changed mid to be less "boring" as requested by testers
-Mid now has a shack over the point
-Added a small bridge behind the shack to act as for a flank around the mid point with cover
-Boats in mid have been changed with a platform as the collision model was awkward
-Buildings near mid have been made slightly larger to block some sight lines a small bit
-Terrain around the main entrance of mid has been made smoother to made the hill less steep
-Added more team colors to walls to help stop confusion
-An orange dev texture now represents the cap zone for mid
See screenshots on overview tab
Bringing this map back from a long rest!
-Changed lighting and skybox (subject for adjustment)
-Added more room to mid
-Removed most of the fences near mid (also caused better optimization)
-Added more health near mid
-Made the mid bridge and cap zone slightly wider
-Added small buildings/platforms near the bridge to help with sightline breaking but also gameplay variation
-Overhauled the flank from mid to the building between mid and last
-Said flank splits into two, adding another way of getting into the building between mid and last
(Check overview tab for screenshots)
-Changed layout of last, and the flanks for last
-Completely overhauled mid
-Make control points cap faster
-General layout adjustments
(see screenshots on overview)
The layout had a bunch of changes, here are the major ones:
-Added building between mid and last
-Changed the flank route from mid to that building
-Removed water from last
-Last has more sentry spots, flanks, and cover
-More ways to get out of spawn/spawns moved around
-Added more battlements and tweaked flanks near mid
-Changed lighting and shadows a bit to feel more like a summer afternoon
(see screen shots on the overview page)