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Calvert A4

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First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

Latest updates

  1. things

    added a door for the 1st point building cat walk to have less of a chance for snipers to have the door open changed 2nd and 3rd point times added 3rd blu spawn added some things to block sightlines added a door for the 3rd point building other things
  2. some stuff

    added a new route to the first building added some more stuff in the first building changed some health and ammo for little bit after 2nd point their is some concrete blocks for cover some other stuff
  3. stuff

    added some health and ammo added some doors changed some door ways for sniper sightlines added respawn visualizers added a teleport for red 1st spawn so people who are in the spawn when 1st cap get teleported to 2nd spawn other stuff probably