Bunkerdash b2

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Bunkerdash b2

By Karnage


Round 1
Blu team pushes the cart to the end of the round. The track snakes around old tool sheds and warehouses to Red Base Perimeter (a massive fence and canyon sealing off the Red Base from the rest of the world.) Two capture points: A and B. Layout is kind of a backwards "S" shape.

Round 2
The cart has crossed the perimeter, now the blu team must push the cart across the canyon bridge and into the Red Base. Here, the red team manufactures secret weapons under the shelter of huge mountain bunkers. Blu team must take them out before they are used!

Known Issues - let me know if you find any!
  • 3D skybox is not seamless and is unfinished in some areas
  • some sort of areaportal issue on closed door that opens after point A capture in round 1
  • Ambient computer sounds seem too loud
  • Rocket pauses mid-air after launching for a few seconds (end of round seems to pause func_movelinear)
  • Rocket launch not visible from outside the base, need skybox rocket model

  • //AP (the people I talk to most about my map)
  • A Boojum Snark
  • StickZer0
  • alecom
  • Mr Late
  • The Political Gamer
  • All the playtesters
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