Bumper Car Prefab 2015-08-30

Made by Barracuda

  1. Barracuda

    A more sophisticated bumper car entity system.
    • Players spawn immediately in bumper cars and are frozen for three seconds on start of a new round.
    • Includes boosters and spells.
    • All models and sounds are preloaded and available.
    • Players can kill each other and respawn after being killed.
    • Players that manage to escape the cart condition in the playing area are killed by a watchdog trigger.
    • Doesn't use minigame entities.
    • Comes with KOTH example logic, but the setup should work with most other game modes as well.

    Known bugs:
    • Players are sometimes detached from their bumper cars after the end of the warmup phase. This has no effect on the gameplay.
    • The player yaw rotation is preserved after death, so the spawn area should have driveways for all directions.
    • The capture point HUD is partially hidden. Timers are still visible.

    Released into public domain. Do whatever you wish to do with these files.


    1. bumpercar_FrH.jpg