Brazil 2015-09-02

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I remember seeing this map used in 4v4 leagues before it was officially added. I thought it was a little drab reusing the Borneo jungle theme without much transformation (such as Lakeside). All the vertical flank routes made the map pretty interesting and definitely what I think of first with this map.

That said, I don't enjoy maps without routes to sneak past middle, and it feels like you're spotted too far away before crossing that threshold to flank, especially if you want to reach the objective. I can see why it would be chosen for 4v4, yet for 12v12 I don't quite feel satisfied playing Brazil over other maps like Highpass or Kong King.
This map feels really dull and cramped. Most notably, the capture point has a giant deathpit right behind it. The upper flank routes in front of the point are diagonally across from each other, which ends up causing a bunch of people to break out into fights right there without actually getting to the cap. My biggest issue is how most of the time you'll get knocked back into the pit while capturing the point, and that the point is on a raised platform with only two ways to get up there without rocket/sticky jumping.

It really needed a lot more playtesting before it got added into the game in Jungle Inferno, I hope this review will help with future map making.
deserved to be added