Borax rc2

By Fearlezz

  1. Fearlezz


    Borax focuses in vertical battles, team balance and much more. This map offers some beautiful sights and great fun.

    Blu team must escort the cart to the Red's Base. Here, Red have their Rocket, that they plan to destroy BLU HQ with. Fortunately for Blue, red is also dumb enough to have a powerful fan under the rocket.

    Blu takes this to their advantage, moving the cart to the fan, it blows the cart into the air hitting the rocket. The rocket explodes into pieces and Blue wins!

    How it was done
    Borax - From A1 to B1

    Payload Borax - Flythrough

    Payload Borax - Custom Cinematic Explosion

    Changelog RC2:
    - Improved Optimization
    - Added loads of Occluders (improves optimization further)
    - Fixed invisible block for the stairs at cp2
    - Fixed Red being able to access their previous spawn after a point is capped
    - Added a additional path in the blue building where the cart goes through
    - Adjusted ammo and health packs

    Thanks to:
    Jive Turkey


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