BoardWalk a1

Face paced CTF (Author: Alex "nova" Shepherd)

  1. nova

    The first release of the fast paced ctf map designed to have a counter clockwise general gameplay flow (not forced). I tried to make it so that any class can excel to their skill ceiling while keeping fun and balanced gameplay. Also this is my first map so therefore it has quite a few bugs and errors that I am currently weeding out so give me any feedback or advice you feel necessary. Thanks.


    1. ctf_boardwalk_a10001_d86.jpg
    2. ctf_boardwalk_a10002_84Z.jpg
    3. ctf_boardwalk_a10003_2h2.jpg
    4. ctf_boardwalk_a10004_z1O.jpg
    5. ctf_boardwalk_a10005_Dei.jpg