BLU Imports of RED Products 2015-08-31

Made by Void

  1. Void
    Tired of seeing RED?

    Worry no more!

    With these newly-skinned models, you can have, well, whatever you please!*

    * Offer limited to radar001, radar_top002, radio_tower001, and raygun001.

    Don't let RED have all the fun, get yours, TODAY!

    Place the contents in your Steam\SteamApps\-lolname-\team fortress 2 folder.

    Textures by Void and Dang, Technical work (Skinning, Model-related stuff) by TheDarkerSideofYourShadow.

    Updated to V. 1.1


    - Changed QC Settings to have Models be usable as both prop_statics, and prop_dynamics.


    Updated to V. 2


    - Added BLU Skins of:
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