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bhop_whitewaters a1b

A intermediate medium lenght bunny hop map by Opus.

  1. Oppehs

    This is my second proper Bunny Hop map made for Team Fortress 2.
    The map and the course is playable without any plugins, with stock settings.
    Although it's alittle more difficult that way.

    It comes with a start area buildt from scratch with design very like orange.


    There are a couple Health packs and Ammo packs in the starting area for those who wants to use the map for fighting.

    When you drop into the hole in the middle you enter the Bhop course.

    The course has 8 main levels, and the end level where you go into three different zones to open three doors to the finish. The first 8 of them having about the same difficulty level, the end level has varying difficulty.








    The design of the map itself is kept real simple, with only around 5 not stock textures in the main levels, I've kept it that way so no complications happen during gameplay and to reduce some of the map size.

    At the end of the main course you can choose between three destinations. Walk back into the water on the beach to go to the "whitewater" end, choose Roof Top to get back to the Spawn area, or choose End zone to go to the two bonus levels with a capture flag.

    The flags are found on each side of the first bonus area, where each team can capture their own flag color. Between the flags is a door that leads to the next area, the flag is captured by going onto the platform at the end of the bridge that has a construction sign in front of it.



    The end zone teleports you under the water, and you can jump into the water and swim above to go into the floating house or the surrounding walkroads.


    Other features:
    Separate teleports for each team.
    Disabled falldamage when exiting spawn.
    A full original soundtrack with songs made by Dust (Opus).
    Unbreakable jump boosters (or jump pads).
    Teleport from roof to bottom of spawnarea.

    Also, i would like to thank everyone who tested and played on the map on my server, Bearded Bears.

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