Barnanza A3

A countryside barn-themed KOTH map.

  1. Jokarcana
    barnanzaa3.png Barnanza (an unfortunate combination of barn and bonanza) is the first map that I can actually say I'm somewhat proud of. It still has a long way to go, but I'm hoping that the layout I created is a good foundation for a fun map. In short, I've tried to create a mix of height variation and flank routes that marry together to produce a battlefield in which the tide of battle can turn rapidly.

    Also lore:

    Two farmland owners, each attempting to acquire more wooden cut-outs of cows, build towards each other's barn in a desperate attempt to steal land out from under the other. Unfortunately, they both built the same thing, and now mercenaries have been hired to sort out the land dispute through brute force and questionably barbaric tactics.