Arroyo b9_fix1

A fast-paced CTF map that tries to eliminate common CTF downfalls!

  1. Beta 8

    Moving on up! It's Beta 8! (because who needs 7?)


    Since it's another 72hr contest, I had this compiled version laying around of what's closest to Beta 8 as possible since I lost the VMF, so there are a few missing details (most notably the giant RED overlay in front of their base). I wanted to release it anyway until I get around to remaking/fixing the decompiled version. Happy anniversary!

    20170212215643_1.jpg 20170212215701_1.jpg 20170212215731_1.jpg
    20170212215739_1.jpg 20170212215754_1.jpg 20170212215834_1.jpg

    - Team base frontage artpass, no more ugly looking Gorge building for RED!
    - More hint optimisation, it ain't perfect though.
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