Aqueous a7

Made by Clandestine

  1. ClandestinePz

    For my next map I decided to challenge myself, both by entering a contest and by trying to make an unorthodox design viable. I chose to make my map centered around the use of water in terms of gameplay and theme.

    The basic premise of my map is that an underground base that has been flooded by heavy rainfall. Its pretty ugly right now but I have some good ideas for prettying it up. Each point in the map involves some sort of water element and I'm hoping it will test well.


    Lol, I forgot to mention its a push map.


    1. cp_aqueous_a70002.jpg
    2. cp_aqueous_a70003.jpg
    3. cp_aqueous_a70006.jpg
    4. cp_aqueous_a70009.jpg
    5. cp_aqueous_a70010.jpg