Angel A5

Do robots freeze?

  1. dejank

    -reverted the structure above the drink exit
    -tweaked a bit of cover around the drink
    -fixed up the robot hints
    -small prop tweaks
  2. Take Cover

    -closed up the shipping containers
    -adjusted cover on the boat
    -added an ammo pack to the bridge
    -adjusted the ice near robot spawn to avoid robots wandering into the sea
    -trying out a bit of geometry near the drink exit to help tweak an absurdly long sight line
    -a few other small cover tweaks
  3. more tweaks

    -adjusted doorways and bot routes to better fit tanks and giants
    -moved the front shop closer to the frontlines
    -reworked old shop location and made a few detail adjustments near spawn
    -adjusted water height near robot spawns to avoid t-posing robots
    -added more cover on the ship
    -small healthpack adjustments
    -probably something else I forgot lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. tweaks

    -improved ice clipping, fixed bomb exploits, covered up lower water by boat
    -new exit from the boat water
    -reworked robot spawn area
    -added buoys to mark invisible walls
    -tweaked health and ammo packs