Amalfi a4_1

2 cp map set in europe

  1. Fixed trigger hurt

    A Bucket
    a trigger was a brush for some reason
  2. Reworked cap A and connector

    A Bucket
    Renamed to cp_amalfi
    -cut off flank to A by blue
    -improved lighting
    -redid skybox for optimization
    -removed bush flank
    -added highground to a
    -reworked connector
    -removed op staircase to red spawn
    -fancied blue spawn
    -Lots of small changes
  3. More lighting

    A Bucket
    Upped the light_env
  4. Minor lighting fixes

    A Bucket
    -Fwd blue spawn was unlit
    -Lights were a weird tan color


    1. 20180213151946_1.jpg
  5. Proper lighting and layout changes

    A Bucket
    -Shrunk overscaled areas
    -Made it nighttime
  6. Fixed a crash related to a brush

    A Bucket
    A brush was causing a crash
  7. Red spawn re-design

    A Bucket
    Redesigned spawn to be less camp-able, and further away.
  8. Various fixes

    A Bucket
    -clipping issue by blue spawn
    -finniky bush
    -other tiny stuff