Amai (Stage 1)

Amai (Stage 1) A8

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Amai (Stage 1) A8

Pretty sweet

Even after all these years, completing a map is the one thing that constantly lingers on my mind. Sometimes I open up Hammer and start to place down a good idea, but I often end up closing the program before anything more comes out of it.

This time though, I stuck around long enough to see the completion of a 2-CP map. The first 2 points of what I hope will eventually become a 2 stage map.

I'm happy with how the A point turned out, but I kinda flubbed the B point. I guess playtesting will tell which parts are really good or not though.
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. A new light

    Back here again. I guess the one good thing to come out of the time I was dropping a map a week was me being able to map very quick. But anyways, I got a new version of Amai here with some changes. Changelog: - New lighting and skybox. Kept a...
  2. Flash of Inspiration

    Well, I expected this to take a couple of days. But I was hit by quite a bit of inspiration earlier and spent a good couple hours mapping. The result is practically a new map, and a much improved B. Changelog: - Redid the entirety of the B...
  3. yup

    Okay this is the right file