Algal A4

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  • Increased all cap times by 2
  • Added one-way door and nobuild to suspicious A vent
  • Moved spectator cam around A
  • Removed cluttery cover at and around B
  • Slightly broadened C cap zone
  • Miscellaneous changes
  • Fixed respawn race condition
  • Removed access to outdoors at A; moved cap indoors
  • Added a suspicious one-way vent route from A sewers to A upper
  • Reduced size of doorway and removed shutter door at A upper
  • Added ramp at C cap
  • Added a medium ammo around C
  • Miscellaneous changes
Experimental tcdom version. Also:
  • Fix door triggers extending past wall
  • Clipping in problem areas
  • Logic tweaks: added intel compass and glow, reduced cap time, fixed stalemate, enabled sudden death
  • Changed water texture
  • Made grate doors comically fast