alamosa b12

Another 5cp map designed for 6v6.

  1. bunch of little changes for my man luc

    -fixed some displacements at 2nd not being flush to the arch building
    -fixed some shadow issues on the rocks at 2nd
    -lowered the arch bridge on 2nd a little bit
    -raised the roof in lobby so that all of upper lobby matches
    -changed the dropdown exit on mid to make it less awkward
    -clipped an awkward corner leading towards dropdown in house
    -clipped an awkward corner pushing into last
    -removed an awkward wall in lobby
    -removed a weird spot underneath the batts exit in lobby
    -smoothed lobby out a bit
    -got rid of an awkward spot in right lobby heading out to shutter
    -adjusted the size and positioning of the pole in house
    -fixed a weird block sticking out of watchtower on 2nd
    -adjusted a ramp in alley to make it flush with the block
    -adjusted the weird super acute corner in alley to be a 90 degree corner
    -adjusted the arches in dark to be higher and a little sharper so they're harder to bump into
    -smoothed the high ground on mid out a bit
    -adjusted the location of a crate by 2nd to make it flush to a wall
    -changed the left hallway exit of lobby a bit to make it a little more interesting
    -added some lights to the underside of the bridge at last
    -cleaned up some more awkward geometry by the arches at last
    -got rid of some awkward barrels in front of last
    -fixed a weird point in the displacements on mid
    -got rid of the super thin fence on 2nd
    -fixed arches not aligning correctly on the arched structure on 2nd
    -adjusted a corner at choke to make things a bit smoother
    -added a support pillar to hold up 2nd point
    -made the doors in house a little bit bigger
    -smoothed out the area below batts and moved forward spawn
    -changed a bunch of textures to make the map look less shitty
    -added some blood splatters in the jail cells
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