alamosa b12

Another 5cp map designed for 6v6.

  1. spotlights! sirens! but he made it out!

    With a bullet in his back!

    -removed the block on 2nd
    -flattened out a lot of the geometry at 2nd
    -extended the house on 2nd to be a bit over point
    -opened up below 2nd point
    -removed boxes at 2nd that allowed any class on top of height
    -made the wall at choke a bit thicker
    -made the ramp up to 2nd considerably wider
    -removed weird pillars on mid
    -fixed a weird corner on the highground at 2nd
    -changed how upper main and rollout work on 2nd so that they connect as more of a battlements
    -added a pick and some broken rocks for the chain gang on 2nd
    -added a few sparse jail cells
    -added searchlights at 2nd
    -added sirens when you cap mid
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