Akuchi A9

3CP / KOTH Hybrid

  1. A9 - Shouldn't you be finetuning by now?


    • Removed the fence because the sightline was fixed by the layout change in A8
    • Widened the west ramp, making movement flow better
    • Replaced the jump to last with a ramp (for now)
    • Widened nobuild to include said ramp

    • Added multiple closed windows to give players a better overview
    • Removed small pickups in mid connector
    • Added medium pickups in mid connector that are better usable by...
  2. Alpha 8 - Fix the flow!

    • Changed ramp on east flank, hopefully making it easier to navigate up there.
    • Changed mid connector building, making the western exit flow better
    • Closed outer western sniper window, limiting a few scary sightlines unless you expose yourself on the balcony
    • Reset KOTH timer back to 180s for now
    • Added a lot of smooth movement playerclips
    • Fixed a few brushes where BLU and RED last looked slightly different. Oops.
    • Turned around the red spawn door that...
  3. Alpha 7 - Let there be light and a cap-able last

    Alpha 7 - Let there be light and a cap-able last


    • Reduced light prop spam
    • Improved artifical lighting inside buildings
    • Reworked last
    • Made last control point a bit smaller
    • Lowered last control point by 64hu
    • Moved spawn exits to the side, forcing you to commit to defend last
    • Added small fence as sniper protection for east exit
    • Increased cap time of last from 4s to 5s
    • Increased KOTH timer from 180s to 240s
    • Widened the doors to last
  4. Alpha 6 - Prolly gonna redesign last after this one


    • Added a nobuild on the last capture area
    • Added medium healthkit and medium ammo to east flank
    • Raised a sightblocker by 72hu to make it less easy to jump onto it from the east high ground
    • Added a whole bunch of directional arrows
    • Replaced inside door on west flank, combining both rooms
    • Fixed mid cap point not unlocking on mp_waitingforplayers_cancel
    20160411135156_1.jpg 20160411135202_1.jpg 20160411135218_1.jpg ...
  5. Alpha 5 - This ain't no Viaduct / Mid is not safe

    Alpha 5 - This ain't no Viaduct / Mid is not safe


    • Redesigned mid, putting emphasis on making it easier to attack.
    • Opened windows on east flank so you can both push and spam the point from there
    • Added a completely new building with sniper windows on the west flank
    • Lowered the point, increased point wideness by ~128hu to be able to fit the slopes in there
    • Added a rock to east flank - It's an shortcut to get to the battlements from mid
    • Switched medium...
  6. Alpha 4

    • Completely removed paths up to balcony, now more a high ground for explosive classes.
    • Raised balcony by 32hu
    • Nobuild the balcony
    • Nobuild the roofs on last
    • Nobuild mid capture area
    • Changed cap time of last from 6s -> 4s
    • Changed respawn time of losing team from 6s -> 7s
    • Made east building larger to make the high ground less of an overpowering sniper spot
    • Redesigned east flank, now goes through the east buiding.
    • Capture warning when someone...
  7. Alpha 3

    Well, i found the time to update the map earlier than expected.


    • Added balcony on west side of mid
    • Made upper flank on west side of spawn 48hu higher
    • Added small fence on last to remove a nasty sightline
    • Reworked light_env to make the map brighter
    • Removed red dev textures on blu spawn
    • Made tunnel flank wider and increased ceiling height
    • Added overlays to the flanks to make clearer which side is which
    • Moved back spawns by 128hu to make it harder...
  8. A2

    • Recompiled with pickups
    Pictures not updated, just expect them to be there.