Aceshigh A4

a bunch of 5cp ideas meshed together at once

  1. Things


    -Changed all spawn waves to 8 (now I actually have a frame of reference for make them longer/shorter)
    -Changed last spawn exits (see screenshot)
    -Adjusted the size of the shutters on the building between last and second, and added a second shutter to that room (on second's side, where it was previously missing)
    -Changed the cover walls on second to completely divide the point into two halves (plus the top part) while also integrating the walls into the point structure better
    -Made the doorway between the upper battlements on second and the bigdoor-styled corridor between mid and second to be bigger (and hopefully, more viable)
    -Fixed some clipping on some stuff
    -Lighting changes in minute areas
    -I forgot what else I did

    20180927134538_1.jpg 20180927134546_1.jpg 20180927135201_1.jpg 20180927134553_1.jpg
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