Aceshigh A4

a bunch of 5cp ideas meshed together at once

  1. A3: Big changes to mid and lighting overhaul

    -Changed mid to be two split team-colored buildings instead of one massive building
    -Upgraded and downgraded various healthpacks
    -Changed all lights into light_spots with props, ie maps, lightbulbs, etc (there remains a few ordinary light entities in order to light specific parts of the map I couldn't find a better way to light right now)
    -Second/Fourth caps slightly slower
    -Cover walls on S/F have been redone to allow for (hopefully) a better flow, especially out of the nearby forward spawn
    -Last also takes longer to cap now
    -Possibly other stuff I forgot

    Screenshots: 20180919155833_1.jpg 20180919155815_1.jpg 20180919155933_1.jpg 20180919155846_1.jpg 20180919155907_1.jpg 20180919155946_1.jpg 20180919160035_1.jpg 20180919160056_1.jpg 20180919160124_1.jpg 20180919160000_1.jpg 20180919160235_1.jpg
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