Aceshigh A4

a bunch of 5cp ideas meshed together at once

  1. A2 Changes


    -Added a metric funk-load of signs
    -Removed most of the upper parts of the inside of the mid building (the platform with crates, etc)
    -Added a small health on top of the now exposed doorframe at mid
    -Downgraded the medium health in the mid building to smalls
    -Added a window into the mid building from the ledge nearby the shutter
    -Blocked a route around the mid building with cliffs
    -Adjusted cover on second/fourth to block weird sightlines
    -Adjusted last so that the point is on the low ground between the now smaller highground platform (with additional cover now added) and the small rock in the middle of the area
    -Last now caps faster - 1.5 seconds instead of 3 seconds
    -Adjusted some other things that I probably forgot

    20180915205233_1.jpg 20180915205242_1.jpg 20180915205311_1.jpg 20180915205325_1.jpg 20180915205253_1.jpg
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