winter tf2jam

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  1. rmstexas

    pl_Express A1

    Welcome to Express!!! Inspired by the visuals and locations of the film The Polar Express, this three-stage payload map sets out to take the mercs all the way to the North Pole (Santa not included) This map was created for TF2 Maps 72 Hour Mapping Competition
  2. 1AsianPanda

    A BLU Christmas 2021-12-19

    Here's a poster I made of my 4 most played classes as blu mercs enjoying a nice Christmas together. I chose not to use any cosmetics as I think they just look better with their default look. It's been a while since I last touched sfm, and while I had some problems, I'm really happy at how it...

    Engineer Portrait 2021-12-19

    The Height of Masculinity. Submitted for the 2021 Winter Jam.
  4. Jayden_

    72hr coolio scout(SFM) coolio scoot a1

    i got bored and didn't know what to make so I did this. hope it's not too bad
  5. Gw4lk

    Soldier Pencil Drawing 2017-02-11

    I drew my favorite class in the game, i had to cut off the side of the picture because when i went to go and eat dinner my cat started to eat the paper and has a couple of bite marks in it.
  6. Akuam

    72hr Breakdown - TF2Jam Entry 2017-02-11

    A 2-3 hour project I decided to call "Breakdown." Made with Source Film Maker and Adobe Photoshop CS6. Flak Jack and Born to Run helmet provided by: Map (Skyboxmap with floor) provided by...
  7. Moonfixer

    72hr koth_access b1

    Hello everyone, here is my first ever 72 hour entry: koth_access. Special thanks to A Boojum Snark for the Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack. The two teams spawn outdoors and have to infiltrate a large, secret facility.
  8. The Fancy Fedora

    72hr BLU Soldier (TF2Jam entry) 2017-02-10

    Created in like 5 hours for the 'Winter 2017 72 hour TF2Jam' this was originally going to be soldier pointing the shotgun at the camera which would be lower down but I wanted more detail in the background and the side view looked better to me. Picture on my Steam Profile...