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  1. SnickerPuffs

    Is it possible to create a new Auto-VisGroup?

    Is it possible to create new VisGroups that will automatically appears when certain entities/textures are used? Like how if you add clip brushes or game logic for the first time new VisGroups in the "auto" tab pop up.
  2. Werewolf

    Flickering visibility through glass

    I am having a visibility issue in one of my maps that I can't get my head around. Basically certain items in the map appear to flicker when viewed, but only from a particular location. I recorded this to help demonstrate: The spinning item you see is a func_rotating, and wall around it that...
  3. Kreg

    Do player clips cut visgroups? Also, what textures cut visgroups?

    So, I have recently come to learn that the blockbullets texture cuts visgroups. Does the playerclip texture do the same? I'm also curious as to what other utility textures cut visgroups.