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  1. Xbmann

    Branded B1

    A TFDB map with detailing inspired by Snakewater that I did for the 2021 Jam May develop it more after the deadline. Custom content credits: Lofi Cutout by lofi
  2. Ninja with standards

    tfdb_courtyard_72hrs_jam missing custom stuff fix

    Dodgeball map made with Japan content pack This is my first 72 hrs jam participation, hope it will pass. I've got more ideas for this map to implement and polish it further in the future, so one day it can be playable on certain comp events (UDL), perhaps. Map appears...
  3. Legendoniance

    [SOLVED] Client/server crashes on map load :(

    Hello! Thank you for your help, anyone who might be able to answer this <3 I recently started mapping and had a little issue resolved yesterday. Now that that's resolved, another's popped up. The issue with the map is simply that it crashes client and server, and doesn't leave anything in the...
  4. Legendoniance

    (SOLVED) Player spawns outside of set spawn areas :(

    (SOLVED) Hello! I'm new to the mapping in TF2, and am stuck on my first major issue :( I'm starting off small, with a little dodgeball map (inspired by tfdb_box_sides_a3), based on the dodgeball plugin by envynz found here: Currently my...
  5. Fish-Lord Silvers

    tfdb_abandoned a1

    Heck, idk what to put as the description here. The only thing I want to say is that this took 2 weeks just to get these little details done because I wanted to complicate things lol.
  6. Y

    tfdb_baseball 2016-10-07

    Play dodgeball in a baseball court