1. Frosty Snadwich

    Lakewater 1.01

    Lakeside started as a little map inspired by the flooding feature in one of those achievement engineer maps, and then eventually turned into my first CTF map, where I thought there was a problem with the intel for a while until I realized I'm the problem (I was using the rocket jumper) PS: The...
  2. zythe_

    mini gpit a2

    small gravelpit styled ultiduo map also compatible with ultitrio!
  3. krizej

    td_longest_yard a1

    Longest Yard is a deathmatch map. I wanted to make it FFA, but TF2's friendly fire system is broken so it is team deathmatch. Deal with it. It is made using dev textures, I quite like how it looks that way - the gray tiles fit the space vibe pretty well (although I should have used some more...
  4. Cynder loves Portal

    Teleporters A3.1

    This prefab has got 6 teleporters plus their own mainframe. Mainframe: Mainframe Console: The red button on the console will active all the teleporters at once. Inside Teleporter 1 of 6