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  1. Stack Man

    Team Skeletons a1

    Lets you spawn Red and Blue team skeletons using tf_zombie_spawner. Powered by VScript. The trigger_multiples in the prefab convert unteamed and unnamed skeletons to a specific team. A trigger for neutral skeletons exists to name them, preventing them from being converted elsewhere. Simply...
  2. The Supreme Meme Lord™

    Meet the Team Bell 1.0

    Ever got sick at bells not being Blu in your base, causing you to rapidly foam at the mouth and roll on the floor in agony? Well fear not, here you can have your Chad Blu bell (and a red version as well.) Feel free to not credit me, since the textures and models are Valve's I just edited the...
  3. Feax

    72hr Jam 2022 your dead teammates 2022-07-25

    my steam:
  4. Doclic

    Adding player condition to entire team?

    Is there a way to add a player condition (found here to an entire team?
  5. A

    holsoom pootis s36 2020-09-07

    a preview of the team as it was in the previous season aka 36 was super fun playing with you guys! :D
  6. Cracky

    the most turbobad cancerteam in pisslow

    the most turbobad cancerteam in pisslow View: permauseless astrobad cancerdogs (includes very cool clips of 6s) people in video[U:1:912687390][U:1:165060622]...
  7. I Want To Die

    koth_devfort 2019-08-04

    I'm sorry if the map isn't that good, I haven't tried mapping for quite a while, and I'm also sorry if I put a file that is unnecessary. I put a .vmf file just because if anyone wants to edit this map. My Steam:
  8. ✘─│─ʀ.Karate II

    The Team 2019-08-03

    For the 72hour jam, made in Gmod!
  9. ☣ DzoT ☣

    72hr Jail Break Map "Minecraft Daylight" v 3.0 2017-08-06

  10. Golden Mann.

    Flare Face 2017-08-05

    I hope you enjoy :D I felt really bad so I couldn't make that good of an SFM.
  11. Werewolf

    Is there a way to create class-filtered glow effects?

    Basically, I'm looking to re-create the glow effect applied to weapons dropped by dead players. Generally speaking, only weapons that are from the same class as the player can pick them up (the only exception being all class weapons), so a yellow glow effect is applied to help players quickly...
  12. Pack Rikolino

    pootis pow 2017-02-10

    Me Demore m esta obra de arte espero les guste :D y recuerden pootis pow para ti!!
  13. Twist.vmf

    the dreaded 666ping

    will the tf2 team ever address the fact that not all its players have a perfect ping? For example, I love to play team fortress 2, but i live in the middle of nowhere USA, so the internet gives me a rage-inducing 666 ping to play with, so whatever i do will always be 1 to 2 seconds behind anyone...
  14. Delila

    72hr Jam 2022 The King of Scotland 2016-07-22

    I saw it could be anything and drawing is the only thing I'm halfway decent at.
  15. shewowkees

    Force player to change team

    Hello everybody, i'm new here and your site is very well made, i'm glad i found it. :) I wanted to know wether or not it was possible to force player to change team at some point during the game? I want to do make a map like muselk's medics vs engineers. So far i suceeded at restricting...