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  1. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    Tdm_particle A1e

    A hydro themed map using my custom tdm vscript gamemode I decided to make a new map since frag temple was to overscaled for me to trim down properly so this is properly scaled (this doent have musioc liek frag tmeple cause i coulndt find a track i like yet) and of course thank to @SteveN as...
  2. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    TDM_frag_temple A2A

    So I wanted to learn vscript, and I figured I should make a super simple tdm mode to learn it, so heres a unique map for it and of course thanks as always for @SteveN for running around wip versions of the map to found anything I missed and for ewditing down the music to make the file size...
  3. d3adfin

    Acrophobopolis Pro a2

    pro version of the official map acrophobopolis made for 2v2
  4. d3adfin

    Monthu a2a

    dm_monthu is an open fortress deathmatch map built with a focus on tdm. it's inspired by quake live maps like purgatory, tornado and deep inside.
  5. Le Codex

    Instagib Prefab V3

    PLEASE READ THE INSTALLATION GUIDE AND FAQ FULLY This is a prefab I made after Mâché proposed the idea of recreating Instagib (from Ratz Instagib) into TF2. This was achieved by modifying the Soldier to make rockets really fast, have close to no splash, and adding a lot of movement options...
  6. d3adfin

    Imperial a4b fix

    imperial is an open fortress duel and tdm map. it takes strong inspiration from quake live maps like silence and ragnarok in an effort to hopefully be fast-paced and intense.
  7. Mess About

    Board a1

    Egypt theme again, also there're some torches that don't lit, because of the snow (I haven't added it in yet). Overview: Spawn area: Intel in a pit Connecting bridge Middle area