summer jam 2017

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  1. Bagnallboys

    Is this supposed to happen to the charitable heart medal?
  2. pivotman319

    At Pauling's dinner... 2017-08-07

    Made in Source Filmmaker. Assets used: SFM assets by Valve BucketofChicken by Quin, !WolvanID8M and uberchain Ms. Pauling HWM by Crazyb2000 The Administrator [HWM] by ✨SedimentarySocks✨
  3. Seal Zebra

    Scout in the Sun SJ2017 Poster 2017-08-07

    Scout's relaxing on a nice beach, with a soda and summer attire.
  4. [Friendly!][AAB] Albin

    Engineer stins hat 2017-08-07

    I made a train station directors hat for engineer. its the stins job to make sure the trains arrive in time and stuff like that :D
  5. mfede

    The fight is over.

  6. Zeklyn

    "Plans" by Zeklyn 2017-08-07

    I have a bad habit of making very dark pictures.. Graymann Model:
  7. Timeseeker

    Summer fun at Teufort 2017-08-07

    A little poster I made using SFM,, Paint net & in-game resources/models such as 2fort and cosmetics. - Summer themed loadout planning. SFM - Class models, cosmetics & posing Paint net - adding forgotten things in post because I'm a sleep deprived fuck Happy Summer Jam...
  8. _SG64_

    Just another SFM Submission 2017-08-06

    Nothing much to see here. Used: Dead of Night: Pose: Post-Editing:
  9. tatsu

    Funtime on Frontier 2017-08-06

    A simple mission of war turns into a afternoon of fun! :)
  10. tatsu

    Funtime on Frontier 2017-08-06

    A simple mission of war turns into a afternoon of fun! :)
  11. Konstantin

    Melee 2017-08-06

    The picture was taken in Garry's Mod
  12. SzaraSowa

    dm_winterfun A1

    Hello, this is my first map ever made. It's purpose is to have fun by organising events like pyro tennis, Engineer migration and so on. Here are some screenshots of it: If you find any bugs, please tell me about them and I will do what I can to fix them! Constructive criticism...
  13. Dopy

    Moonkite ( The Summer 2017 72 Hour TF2 Jam!) 2017-08-05

    Created this poster for TF2 Summer Jam 2017! i hope you like it <3
  14. [C]тепан SKINOMANIA.NET

    Party 2017-08-05

    this is my first job
  15. Konstantin

    Summertime 2017-08-05

    These are my first works, do not judge please strictly
  16. Konstantin

    summer is over 2017-08-05

    This is my first job, please do not judge strictly ^^
  17. Silverware

    JimiJam Steam Profile Pictures

    These are modeled after the fake company in TF2 named Jimi Jam. Posters of Jimi Jam can be found in game (Foundry, Hightower, Citizen Pain Minigun):