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  1. Dr.Pootis-001

    Who can Turn this mess into a working ctf map

    me and my friends made this during a discord call, i am making this into a map, bit i want to see what you guys can make out of this blueprint that looks like a third grader mad it.
  2. DeltaWolf

    koth_tablestacc_dev2 developement version 2

    Yes, this is a joke map, don't take it seriously My first map, may stay in development for all of eternity. Improvements are welcome, leave credit.
  3. Scampi

    More compiling issues

    Alrighty, here I am again, suffering from more compiling madness. Here's the rundown: I have been incrementally making a detail map (not for gameplay, probably) and compiling after each large change. It's loaded with custom content, and each time Compile Pal has been able to pack it all up...
  4. Scouter Egg

    CP 2fort V1

    If it can be a plr map then why not a 5CP map? THE POSSIBILITY'S ARE ENDLESS.
  5. samjooma

    elevatormadness (april fools map) a2

    This might look like a regular KOTH map at first, but weird thing start happening soon after the round starts. Made for april fools day.
  6. Aferron

    Schet Map RC1

    Stupid map made for shits and giggles while I temporarily give up on another map.
  7. SnickerPuffs

    Sh!tpost Central

    Want a place to put your shitposts? Want to make a fool of yourself, but in a place where others are doing the same? Do you want to read mildy humorous (and quite possibly stupid) posts? Well, my friend, in honor of the quickly approaching April Fools, I have created such a place. Here, you can...