1. Exactol

    Fireplace particles v1

    Particle names: fireplace chimney_smoke See fireplace_fx.vmf for example usage Made for erk Chimney example map made by erk
  2. Exactol

    Vent particles v1

    Vent particles Particle names: vent_steam_square vent_steam_square_slow vent_steam_square_cold vent_steam_circle vent_steam_circle_slow vent_steam_circle_cold vent_smoke_square vent_smoke_square_slow vent_smoke_square_cold vent_smoke_circle vent_smoke_circle_slow vent_smoke_circle_cold See...
  3. V3rb

    func_smokevolume inconsistent

    I want to fill up a big chamber with smoke, but for some reason func_smokevolume seems to be wonky. As in, if I use multiple brushes, only of them is drawn, and if I make the one brush too big, it doesn't fill up the whole brush with smoke, only about a third of it. According to the compile...
  4. MastahDizzy

    Suit under the Nightfall 2020-09-06

    "Under the night, a frenchman walks through the rain As the plight keeps fading throughout a world of gain." DeviantArt Post Twitter Post
  5. Atsird

    Some good Spy art 2018-07-30

    Took me a solid 7 hours from beginning to end to make some semi-well-thought out Spy lineart (made to work as a tattoo) complete with a rose, a knife, smoke, bullets, crosshatching, and some neat art-deco text designed and drawn by yours truly. If you look at it one way, it says "Spy", and the...
  6. ethosaur

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Ashcloud explosion unusual effect. a2

    Er.. Not my proudest effect or tf2 contribution to be honest, but I wanted to try making unusual effects again and make something for the 72hour jam. So here is a frontline inspired effect. Once I gotten some more practice I want make more high quality effects. Video:
  7. Grubzer

    Custom fire and smoke particles Reupload

    Custom particles for your frontline map! You can freely use them in your map Pack contains three particles: frontline_custom_flame - just fire frontline_custom_fire - frontline_custom_flame but with smoke frontline_custom_smoke - smoke from foundry, but ~16 times bigger