sfm artwork

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  1. pardner

    ナイト・オブ・Demo 3

    Being sober is boring. Take one drink of Scrumpy and you're drunk. Take two drinks of Scrumpy and you're walking on air. Take seven drinks of Scrumpy and you'll start seeing some strange stuff.
  2. moonfill

    Kong's troublemaker 2022-07-24

    Crazy scout for the jam. Made in SFM with Photoshop. My Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/realmoonfill/
  3. Зеленый барбус73

    My first sfm poster! 2022-07-23

    I made it in 1 day, and i'm really proud of it! :D
  4. A

    My Very First 72 Hour Jam Entry 2021-12-20

    This was the perfect chance to practice my (non-existing) skills in SFM. I didn't really have an idea for what I wanted to make for the poster except have snow in it. For the snowman model, I found on the workshop by "WingedDash". I started working on this a few hours after the Jam started and I...
  5. TheTexanBuzzsaw|HM|

    The Seven Seas of Ham 2021-12-18

    Created by gavingtron99 | Ham Mafia |, this SFM is based off of 2 pirate-themed loadouts that were also created by gavingtron99. This is by far their best SFM to date, representing the Ham Mafia group of dedicated SFM artists extremely well.
  6. Da_Ch33ze

    Gone Fishing 2019-08-05

    Gone Fishing Credits to: YungIkeSly neodement Mall168 For allowing me to use their modeled and rigged camp chair Also Valve SedimentarySocks Populus Square MrFunreal Nomad For their various workshop contributions I used for this pic
  7. Daddy Leon

    Doctor for the 72 Hour Jam 2019 2019-08-05

    softwares used: SFM and Sai. Mediс Skin by Denise Makar Cane by Alaxe the Cape is made of sniper cosmetics tf2 Other props tf2 And my drawing in Sai Map: dark_room
  8. BiedroN

    Soldier refreshment. 2018-07-30

    I decided to remake one of the mercenaries from the game. The model has been remeshed and also retextured from zero giving a brand new high detailed looking. Model can be even given to the game and actually playable, but I don't have time to writing some .qc files and stuff! I will not...
  9. Pozz

    Whole night ahead 2018-07-30

    Made second one just want to know on what level I'm curretly is and how could I improve myself
  10. Smirn

    RoadRage 2018-07-30

    Not new to Sfm, have been doing this for 3 years now but its my first time submitting to the 72h Jam. This is something me and my friend Legoformer came up with, we had a random conversation, I was looking for Sfm ideas and we came up with this. Of course everything here is done by me yada yada...
  11. [♪]Rodolfo[♪]

    Another Day , Another Job 2018-07-29

    so this is my entry for 72 hours jam , good luck for everyone :)
  12. Coolchou Zhao

    cave explorer 2018-07-29

    No when I made this I did not think of Indiana Jones.
  13. BlackFireHealer

    The apartment Version 1.1

    Basic SFM, could have been a lot better.