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  1. Cindycomma

    ARENA Crosstalk

    Cindycomma submitted a new resource: Cindyiscold - brrr! Read more about this resource...
  2. KrazyZark

    Radio Telescope V2a

    Has three skins: Red, Blu, Yellow (neutral) has a skybox model (recommend using this one because the normal size model is usually too massive) have fun using this in your maps!
  3. Ducksink

    Hatellite 2019-08-05

    A regular inconspicuous hat. Paintable rim, the flaps and the radar jiggle when you move. Concept art by Square
  4. C

    72hr detail_corvatile_72hrs 2017-02-12

    A purely aesthetic map of a satellite station on a mountain created for the 72 hour TF2Jam. Uses some assets from the Frontline pack. Much like my entry for the last detail contest I didn't bother to make a 3D skybox.