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  1. ♓Seelpit♓

    Colorable Robot Holograms 1

    Have you ever been messing around with those cool holograms on MvM maps, when you notice that they always have that blue hue on them? Don't you ever wish you could make them a proper purple, or grey, or white? I'll assume your answer is yes, in which case, you should indeed download this! The...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blu Securityfence001 4/20/2022

    This is a quick reskin of securityfence001 to add a blu version
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Gold foundry chain 1/27/2022

    Its legit the foundry chain prop but recolored to be goldish.
  4. cnub66

    Arrow Pack 1.0

    Includes: Blue + neutral versions of the red 'circle' arrows Red versions of the blue 'rectangle' arrows Two blue 'capture point' arrows, for which a red version already exists in game To install, unzip and place in your tf/custom folder Credit not necessary. Please let me know if there are any...
  5. fuzzymellow

    Fuzzy's Crystal Recolor Mini-Pack! Ver. 1

    Hello friends!! Fuzzy here again, this time with a small, lil prop re-color pack just in time for the hallowed, spooky season of mapping ahead! Included in this pack are seven new recolors of a Moonbase/Asteroid prop for you to use in either team-colored areas, out-of-bounds neutral detailing...