1. grayman

    Past 72hr Jam Entry lego pixel art pyro lego pixel art pyro

    Lego pixel art was made from the very beginning of the event and took 7 hours to assemble
  2. therealKx3D

    Happy Pyro 2017-08-07

  3. Inquiry

    A Good Day in Pyroland 2017-08-06

    This is my first time entering the 72 hour TF2 Jam and I'll tell ya I am SOO excited to draw and donate money for a good cause. It's so awesome that the community is coming together to do something good! ^u^
  4. ArmagdoGaming

    [SFM Poster] A Pyro Thinking about his life 2

    I made this poster for the 72 Hour jam and I hope that you like it. (I Know it's not the greatest, but, I tried my best)
  5. Atsird

    Past 72hr Jam Entry The Pyromaniac

    Ink+copic Pyro drawing enhanced with some good ol' Photoshop that I did.
  6. HMS JeanWolf

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Merry Smissmas 2017-02-10

    A little festive pyro