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  1. Tumby

    Skybox Plugins for Paint.NET

    I have created 2 plugins for Paint.NET that should greatly assist in the manual creation of skyboxes. The idea is that instead of painting on the 6 faces of a cube, you instead paint on the surface of a sphere. Download it on github! Simple go to the Releases section on the right side of the...
  2. Qersojan

    [RESOLVED] Need Help with TF2Items Source Mod Plugin.

    So I've gotten source mod successfully working on my private dedicated TF2 server. I want to make a simple change and remove the clip size penalty on the backscatter for everyone on the server. I assume to do this I need the "TF2Items" plugin so I've installed it. I attempted to do this using...
  3. The Siphon

    VTF plugin for Photoshop doesn't work

    I noticed that the VTF plugin doesn't work in Photoshop CC (2017) for some odd reason. When I install the plugin and then open Photoshop it says something like this: "At least one plug-in isn't available on the system. You can find more information by selecting guide > system information"...
  4. AlexCookie

    Can I get Feedback plugin?

    So can I get feedback plugin for non-official gamedays hosted by me? Is it TF2Maps servers only?