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  1. norfolk

    Minutilla b6

    A 2CP Arena map, formerly MTK. Small size should lead to some hectic and quick gameplay! My first map in two years so it may not be the most excellent thing out there. Uses Idolon's 2CP Arena prefab ASSET CREDITS: Bonk Machine - boomsta Pine Trees - Diva Dan Overgrown Prop Pack - Pear / Crash...
  2. norfolk

    Benzoate a1

    Hey! Norfolk made a map in 2018?! Nice! Benzoate is a Minute to Kill map with three different height areas to battle in. Typical stuff. About MTK: MTK means Minute to Kill. It's arena - with a timer! The team with more people left in the end wins the round. MTK was originally developed in...
  3. norfolk

    Ledian Fixed a1

    mtk_ledian! It's another Minute to Kill map from norfolk terrier. Who's surprised?
  4. norfolk

    72hr Bedriver A5

    This map is for the 72hr. It is an arena map where you have one minute to eliminate as many enemy players as possible.