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  1. Eraser_NIN

    Mercs and weapons 2022-07-22

    its 6 of the 9 mercs (mostly drawn my brother and 3 class weapons (mostly drawn by me
  2. amasterfuljuice

    who is joe?!?!?!? (gone sus) 2021-12-18

    created another pictif in ms paint. was bored
  3. amasterfuljuice

    its between you and... him 2021-12-17

    I made it in ms paint. for the 72 hour jam I drew what ever came to my mind.
  4. True lemon

    MSPaint Textures a1

    the textures used in CP_SlowWater now free to use
  5. True lemon

    CP_SlowWater a1

    best used in silly servers such as, x10-100000, randomizer, trade servers and more. (its a really bad map in terms of regular unmodified gameplay)
  6. dinko

    medic head in mspaint 2018-07-29

    i drew a pic of medic wearing a hat i have. did it in paint with a mouse :P
  7. نوفل

    Communist Heavy A1

    This, right here, is art. You don't often see good art, but when you do, it looks somewhat like this right here.
  8. ElMikky™☮❄

    Pyro Mask sketch 2017-08-05

    This is a painting of a Pyro mask i made in MS Paint. Took me too long then it should. It is nothing impressive, as I'm a anti-talent from a nature at drawing, but i still like it. Hopefully you won't see this as hastily-made, as i said, it took me quite long and i can't draw...but i try!