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  1. SpookyToad

    Modelling deformation issue

    Hello there, i've had a problem with my model, sometimes it becomes deformed in ANY moment, sometimes it's normal, sometimes isn't, there is screenshots that shows the problem. P.S In HLMV it looks fine
  2. Obsyden

    Double-sided face normals in TF2 model

    I've been working on a model that is basically a shorter version of the props_2fort/sniper_fence01 model. I'm not sure if people know this, but the corrugated iron on this model actually has no thickness - it's just one face. The model, however, displays in hammer and in-game as having 2-sided...
  3. r2d2upgrade

    BONUS DUCKS! Animation 2017-08-07

    3D modelled more realistic looking duck tokens made and animated in Blender. I would have made it have a higher frame rate and larger resolution, but this took 1hr40mins to render and I don't have enough time to do that. So this'll have to do! (I was late to the party)
  4. OctoBlitz

    Requesting Jane Doe Statue.

    Hello Everyone, I am currently looking for a prop for Mid on my map AirRaid. The Prop must be a statue of Jane Doe, otherwise known as the soldier, as a statue performing the taunt "Fresh Brewed Victory" with a plaque on the base of the statue saying "You we're good son, real good... Maybe even...
  5. OctoBlitz

    Requesting Models for my new map

    Hello everyone, I am currently creating a map based on tropical islands and the Hawaiian islands. I am requesting for props and models such as Tiki statues and Tiki torches that can have red and Blue skin variations on the statues. I am willing to pay for services however it is up to you...
  6. MaccyF

    [TUTORIAL] Blender and the Source Engine

    Introduction After numerous requests and questions posed in the group chat (not specifically directed to me), it seems high time that someone took a hold of the situation and created a fully fledged tutorial for modelling for the source engine using Blender. Please note that this tutorial...