model edit

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  1. Pinewabble

    Doublesided "spawnroom_door" V1

    Quick edit of the spawnroom_door prop to include both sides
  2. Wheat

    Better Spytech Doorframe Models v1

    Modified versions of valve's props_spytech/doorframe005, designed to be easy to place, with more standard unit sizes snapping to the 32x grid. There are currently six new doorframe sizes: -128x128 HU -128x160 HU -192x128 HU -192x160 HU -256x128 HU -256x160 HU
  3. Pinewabble

    Mercenary park speedboat without the sharkbite V1

    Mercenary park Speedboat model without the shark bite/croc bite hole (comes with alt skin without the merc-park logo!)
  4. Ismaciodismorphus

    No Merc park logos pack 6/25/2022

    A collection of models from mercenary park that have had their logo's removed to make them more generalized props for use in other maps.
  5. KrazyZark

    Small and Medium size edit for Urban Blast Door V2

    Adds Two new sizes of the blast door prop from Mannhattan. Comes with skins that work with the snowycoast door textures if you have them installed, if not they will be untextured. Snowycoast asset pack:
  6. Ismaciodismorphus

    Gold foundry chain 1/27/2022

    Its legit the foundry chain prop but recolored to be goldish.
  7. Ismaciodismorphus

    Woods_tree_01 snowy cool

    Messing around with qc files was nightmare but a learning experience. Anyways enjoy this snowy version of the woods_tree_01 prop!
  8. Emil_Rusboi

    Mining crates without dynamite v1

    Miningcrate001 and Miningcrate002 without "dynamite" sign on texture! For people who cares
  9. Yoshark

    Modular props_hydro/barricade v1

    a modular version of the hydro barricade prop for easy rotation. was a stupidly easy prop edit, no need to credit me.