jojo's bizarre adventure

  1. The Sandpiper

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Scout and Heavy (JoJo) 1

    This is a recreation of a scene from the second part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, where Joseph Joestar shows off his whits by telling this "thug" where is brass knuckles are and explaining how he knew they were there. With my work, I've replaced Joseph with the Scout and the thug with the Heavy...
  2. Radar

    Purple Nightmare A1

    The war skin for the purple enthusiast! For those who need more purple in their life! Those who cannot get enough of it! PURPLE NIGHTMARE IS FOR YOU! When neon green is too bright, but regular steel is beneath you. When you want to work on both sides of that pesky gravel war. purple will always...
  3. Sandwichborn

    IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE? 2020-09-06 profile of my friend. is my profile profile of my friend
  4. StovePipe

    [Model] The Guido Gunslinger 2019-08-05

    Just because you're an Italian mobster, doesn't mean you should go down on style. Show those capos who's boss with this stylish headwear, that tells them where to direct their attention. Made as part of the 72 hour Summer Jam
  5. ʙsi | egn

    REO Speedwagon & Jotaro Kujo w/ TF2 Hats! 2019-08-04

    Greetings, This will be my third year participating in the TF2Maps Summer 72hr Jam! For this year's entry, I decided to draw Robert E.O. Speedwagon from Part One of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure known as Phantom Blood, though he is also shown in Part Two known as Battle Tendency. Unfortunately in...
  6. Kosharik

    JoJo Heavy 2019-08-03

    I love JoJo and TF2 so I made it
  7. Kosharik

    My JoJo Heavy

    My JoJo Heavy poster
  8. Pretzel

    Scoutaro Kujo 2018-07-30

    Bing bang boom it's that guy from that one anime
  9. F

    Pootis's bizarre adventure : StarPAW! Crusaders 2018-07-27

    I made this image in GMOD with love, the image is about my favourite anime right now and I hope u guys like this :3 .