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  1. santumerino

    On your way to... 2021-12-18

    never did anything in this sort of silhouette style before, it was fun to try it out download includes the image in 1920x1080 in red, blu and achievement colour schemes, with and without text
  2. amasterfuljuice

    its between you and... him 2021-12-17

    I made it in ms paint. for the 72 hour jam I drew what ever came to my mind.
  3. Cyberen

    Clamp R and Clamp S?

    I'm trying to make a texture that is a quarter of a circle. When I flip them/rotate them to make a complete circle, it still leaves an annoying line between the quarters! What do I change in the VTF so the edges extend and I could still fit them to the block face?
  4. Lo-fi Longcat

    Lazarus Voxelised 2018-07-29

    Here's my recreation of Koth_Lazarus' mid point created lovignly in MagicaVoxel! I had a tonne of fun doing this and had a great time participating in this jam! <3
  5. DeathSpank

    Picture of Solider 2017-08-06

    My first picture (not good, but maybe not to bad)
  6. Billo

    map screenshots when you join that map

    i want to know how am i going to add 2 screenshots to my map when you join-launch that map just like when you join a valve or community (accepted map in the game).
  7. AlexCookie

    TV style workshop frame v1

    Photoshop template for creating workshop icons. You don't have to mention me if you use it, but it would be nice if you do. :)
  8. EatYourSheep

    72hr Movie Night 2017-02-12

    "Movie Night" By: EatYourSheep After fighting for hours on end, our favorite characters kick it and have a movie night. Made with Garry's Mod, edited with Gimp. Movie frame from Valve's "Expiration Date" short film I do not own the rights to "Expiration Date", this...
  9. ciitruus

    72hr ciitruus - Mun-dee, Bender of Jarate 2017-02-12

    My entry for my first 72-Hour Jam! It was great to make, and it's one of my better posters. I based the pose off of some Taekwondo stances and also took a lot of inspiration from the Avatar series. Most was made in SFM; I saturated and added the watermark in Gimp 2.0. - ciitruus
  10. Giraffe

    72hr The Vivid Vest 2017-02-12

    Before I begin, I suck at art, i'm no good with design and i couldn't make a TF2 item if i tried, but... I do have a fair share of Ideas. Since our Engi has his nice little Hard Hat and Safety Goggles to protect him from Workplace incidents, Why not complete the Safe on the Job site set and give...
  11. LegatusRift

    72hr Moving the Payload 2017-02-12

    My entry for the Winter Jam.
  12. Lo-fi Longcat

    72hr Lakeside Voxelised I thought it's about time I pay tribute to my favourite map in all of TF2, and what better excuse to do it than the 72hr jam? So I recreated the cap point of Lakeside in MagicaVoxel, and I'm real...
  13. PortalStorm4000

    72hr 72hrJam - A New Base v2

    This has taken about one hour to complete. The map is rd_asteroid, and the robot is looking toward the red base. It was made in SFM and then edited in GIMP 2.0. It is 1080p. Have a nice day! Edit: Now the bloom has been edited out around the glass, :)