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  1. Pdan4

    Pdan4's Pipe Paste and Prevention Prefab 001b

    Now THIS is Computer Science! Some PIPE DOPE from Pdan as an early Christmas present for y'all. If you want to check out the compiled VMF demo: The Blue block will affix your selection. The Red cube will delete instead. Each Teal pillar sets the filter to stick/remove the embedded...
  2. Mystic Monkey

    func_breakable hurts (not solved, but solution found)

    Heres the set up of the thing I'm making. Originally I was going to use a func_button as a form of trigger and it did work as intended at first (as well as prevent players getting stuck) but I think there is some sort of error because when I applied it to all item boxes it started not doing...
  3. KiddleyWiffers

    How to make a func_breakable only damageable by melee

    I am creating a map and need to make it to where a func_breakable can only be damaged via melee. I am making a map that you can dig through and I don't want a heavy, soldier, demo, or even medic just drilling through the entire area very quickly.