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  1. Coder channel

    (SOLVED :P) Hammer lagging out when selecting objects in 3d view

    So, recently i've decided to increase my model render distance. However, after doing so, hammer started freezing for a few seconds when selecting objects in 3d view. The more entities/brushes where on screen, the longer was the lag. The issue persisted even after returning the model render...
  2. Healsy Frosty

    Map keeps loading old versions, seems skybox related, HELP

    First post, woo. Im desperate at this point, didnt think i'd have to ask for help. So, ive been working on a western map, its my first time using Hammer, and so far everything was fine. But the map started loading as previous versions ever since i started playing with the skybox. Im still not...
  3. Z

    Flash Freeze A3

    Read tag line.
  4. Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    Hammer Causing Entire Computer Freeze-Up

    As the title suggests, I've been having a problem where Hammer would end up freezing up my entire computer everytime I try to compile a map. It hasn't started doing this when I first began development on the map, and I know for certain it isn't Hammer just being hammer because the program has...
  5. FishyUberMuffin

    Freezing Map

    My map is freezing up when I join blue team. However when I go threw the camera it's fine. Does this problem have to do with the front line pack? Does it have to do that I took out all of the logic from my cp dday map and threw in new logic? Or maybe does it has to with the train?