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  1. Rerun

    Topper a2

    Diagonally symmetric Invade CTF map set in a city with a rocket test facility in it. Deliver the flag to the enemy team's base and boost yourself to the star of their tree to score. Make the other team's rocket launch and deliver a deadly payload of radiated snow to win. Credits: Single-flag...
  2. spruce

    Caustic B1

    Caustic is a diagonally mirrored Payload race map with inspiration from Upward and Hightower As the name implies this map aims to be chaotic as seen with the Game-mode, gameplay dynamic and symmetry. This map may not get updates often as it's a fun project rather than a serious one LOL! Did...
  3. Skylark

    stripes v3

    Stripes based on those on cp_reckoner, proportions are slightly different as of v3 Includes: • Diagonal tiling (45 degrees) • Orthogonal tiling (0/90 degrees) • Block (technically tiling) • Source Illustrator project and pngs Block colours are half sized as that's closer to the size that they...
  4. Melo

    Waterworks A3

    Just a map that I started creating, not that great, but maybe give it a try?